The Eloquent in the Room

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March 2, 2021  


March 2, 2021

(Adulting Consent part five and a half?)

CW: Contains references to child abuse.

If you listened to the previous episode, you'll be eagerly waiting for the other shoe to drop – cos that one was a bit of a cliff hanger.

Well, just a bit. A smidge, even.

This episode RECAPS the ADULTING CONSENT journey thus far, and previews the what lay ahead - while I also reveal a bit of candid INSIGHT into my heavily-flawed creative process and my deep, dark secret to how get/stay motivated. YOU CAN TOO! All in all it's a bit of a mixed bag of silliness and seriousness in equal measure. We even look at another snippet from that very weird and controversial early 1970s tome: The Little Red School Book.