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August 18, 2020  

What’s in a Kiss? (Story from the Vault #1)

"A Slip of the Tongue" Part A?

This is the first part of a tantalising two-part adventure.  First we have a behind-the-scenes debrief about the “2020 An Orgasmic Oddity” Journey. Even though it's not a direct continuation of series 1, somehow this episode still manages to pick up where the Oddity left off.. kind of. Through the much underrated yet sublime art of the kiss - we can't help but connect with the V Spot! Don't be surprised if you notice a gossimer spit bridge stretching from your lips to Episode 6, the other half of this twin pack: “A Slip of the Tongue Part B – A Consumer's Guide to Oral Sex" which drops on Sept 1. This one is soft and mushy, the next one will be wet and gushy. But both episodes go to great pains to emphasise the whole MUTUAL RESPECT dealie. Because...heckity heck, that's important too...right? Keep checking my Instagram for updates, groovy memes, the occasional video message and awesome curated content.

*Parts of this podcast previously appeared on my Blog "Inside Rose" (2011-17) - so it is the first in my "Story's from the Vault" Series. 

Music Credits: Theme song Beugs 

Kiss Quotes Underscore 'The Fair' by Livio Amato

August 4, 2020  

2020 an Orgasmic Oddity Part 4

"Eternal Sunshine of the V-Spot Mind"


This 4th episode brings us to the indisputable universal Scientific facts about Female Orgasm - facts that are often glossed over or left out of usual discussion about female sexuality. Like - if women can have orgasms in their sleep, then clearly they should be able to have them without being touched when they are awake, right? (Clue: 'right')

Leave the vibrator in the nightstand - I'm focussing more on what's happening above the waist: hands free! Oh, and this is the one where I explicitly describes the time I had a 'labour-gasm' during childbirth. It's here I discovered vital clues about how to achieve 'hands free' orgasms henceforth. So, do you think everyone who makes a lot of noise is 'FAKING'? Think again. The secret to more thorough orgasmic expression is just a scream away.


July 21, 2020  

2020 An Orgasmic Oddity. Part 3

"Close Encounters of the Furred Kind"

This third installment walks listeners through a vastly alternative version of the standard birds and bees talk. And by birds and bees, I mean, the baby making thingy. This not-so-awkward chat demystifies once and for all, female orgasm's pivotal role at conception! 

Juxtaposing Desmond Morris' best seller, The Naked Ape (1967); with recent research revealed in Dr Catherine Blackledge's eye/mind-opening Book, Raising the Skirt (The Unsung Power of the Vagina) - we examine where science went astray and then finally restore balance! Oh and I also introduce you to your lesser-known primate cousins, the bonobos. These beautiful creatures co-exist in communities which promote peace, harmony and free love. That's right...bow chicka wow, baby! Embodying the phrase "make love, not war" the bonobos show us a different way to view evolution. 

July 5, 2020  

2020 An Orgasmic Oddity, Part 2

"The Planet of the Babes"

In this episode, we resume the Orgasm Conversation contemplating the concept of 'Authentic Sexuality'.

What would women's approach to their orgasmic entitlement be, if religion and oppression did not burden female sexuality with shame, ignorance and fear? How much more empowered (and orgasmic) would women feel, if we were never ever vilified or victimised merely for enjoying sex? How much has prudishness and double standards held women back from their true potential? What the heck is the deal with the remedial effort made thus far by medical and psychological research in helping people to understand how a woman's body is actually designed? What has any of this got to do with certain iconic SCI-FI films of the 60s and 90s?


May 26, 2020  

2020 An Orgasmic Oddity Part 1




Well, hi there. I'm Rose and welcome to The Pilot Episode. Firstly there's a quick prologue, before giving a rundown on what this debut series is all about - and then I take you on a journey like no other.  

Basically, this is part Orgasm Workshop, part Forensic Investigation & part Geeky Sci-Fi Convention! I'm here to bust myths & expose short-sighted preconceptions around (cis) Female Sexuality & Orgasm.

It's 2020 - and many women are still feeling orgasmically disenfranchised. What the actual..? How is it, that research into orgasm continually regurgitates the same statistics and 'facts' and nothing ever changes. Well - I figured it was about time to kick science's arse and take names...while presenting some other stats and an entirely fresh viewpoint regarding the primal nature of sexuality. Sometimes the best way to level the playing field, is to THROW THE OLD RULE BOOK AWAY. Pretty much everything we've been made to believe is a mirage. Because...well. You know why. 

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