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May 11, 2021  


May 11, 2021

It's a Story from the Vault! #6

In 2012, I wrote an article about the tragic farce that is Reality TV. Little did I know just how much worse things would get. The most recent season of Married At First Sight was, by anyone's estimation, an abomination of gross negligence towards the people to whom they had promised a happily ever after. Where was the duty of care? Reality TV is toxic. I don't go into the sordid details about the actual scandals (for that stuff check out the So Dramatic Podcast).

I'm not here to share salacious gossip. Instead I'm here confess some details about my short stint as a tabloid journalist and to put shit on the giant pile of shit show that is all reality tv. It's crazy to witness what's happening now and compare it with that which was portrayed in the portentious film NETWORK 1976.

This article not only stands up all these years later - it's got me fired up all over again. Let's all get mad as hell!

This episode features MY NEW TUNE!

"Everybody" by The Eloquent in the Room (c) 2021. That's the video link - HAVE I MENTIONED I HAVE A NEW SONG OUT? It's available on Spotify, itunes and all the streaming services. 


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